We’re working to deliver world-class health, education and research services for the communities of Western Sydney and beyond.


The Westmead Alliance is committed to improving health care through:

  • Integration of research, education and clinical care

  • Active engagement of partners outside the precinct in delivering on the healthcare, education and research vision of the precinct

  • Close collaboration in service delivery, education and research by the precinct partners


Our commitment is to:

  • Continue the specialisation of Westmead as Western Sydney’s primary centre for complex acute and chronic health services

  • Broaden and integrate private hospital services with public services at Westmead

  • Work with the NSW Government to identify opportunities for the private sector to partner with public agencies to deliver health facilities and services at Westmead.


“You attract talent by having a very exciting eco system, by having a great place to live and work. There is a growing recognition that having great urban places and spaces is as important for productivity and nurturing human talent as a city being a nice place to walk around. It’s actually an important part of competitiveness.”

Lucy Turnbull AO, Chief Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission.


Within the space of less than forty years Westmead has grown from a dusty showground on the outskirts of Sydney to become Australia’s largest concentration of health, education and research facilities.

In this short time Westmead has seen billions of dollars of investment by successive governments prioritising it as a place for public health and research investment. Along with private and non-Government sector investment, Westmead now provides over 18,000 specialised high value jobs.

Our region faces a staggering growth challenge over the next twenty years with more than one million new residents due to arrive. And the Westmead precinct will do more than just treat this expanded population. It will employ them.