Over 3,400 students currently attend Westmead, ranging from preschool to doctoral students. Two of Australia’s largest universities; The University of Sydney and Western Sydney University both have major plans for expansion at Westmead and surrounding areas. These plans total almost $1 billion, and will see tertiary student numbers at Westmead grow to 8,500 over the next decade.

Academic plans included in this growth outlook are focused in the fields of diagnostic sciences and technologies, sustainable health, patient-centred care and translational health. Other areas will include data analytics, engineering, IT, health, arts and social sciences.

The increased University presence at Westmead will create a complementary mixing of students, researchers, academic leaders and industry. As a result, Westmead will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the data revolution that is set to change the face of medicine.


“World-leading, industry engaged and community embedded research will be at the forefront of Western Sydney University’s presence in the revitalized Westmead. This will include technology-infused clinical teaching and start-up incubation.”

Professor Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President, Western Sydney University


Major education facilities

  • The University of Sydney Westmead Clinical School
  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Clinical School, the University of Sydney
  • The University of Sydney faculties of:
    • Dentistry
    • Nursing
    • Health Sciences
  • The University of Sydney Centre for Oral Health
  • Charles Perkins Centre, Westmead node
  • Western Sydney University College and International Language School
  • Western Sydney Local Health District Research and Education Network


“The Westmead precinct has been a living demonstration of the University of Sydney’s commitment to excellence and innovation in clinical care, education and research in Western Sydney since 1965. We are honoured to contribute to its development as a global centre for innovation and excellence through the integration of healthcare, education and research.”

Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Sydney


Proposed facilities

  • Western Sydney University Westmead campus redevelopment (+2,500 students)
  • The University of Sydney Westmead campus plans (+4,800 students)
  • New Clinical Training facility (Western Sydney University)
  • Consolidation of The University of Sydney Dental School, and development of Masters of Nursing at Westmead
  • The University of Sydney significant investment in medical research and education at Westmead including a new School for undergraduate science and engineering students, and a hub for the Sydney Health Data Coalition. Plans include:
    • Sydney Uni Stage 1 (Westmead Education and Conference Centre)
    • Sydney Uni Stage 2 (Westmead Innovation Centre)
    • Sydney Uni Stage 3 (CASB)
  • Expanded opportunities within medical research institutes
  • National Institute for Complementary Medicine (Western Sydney University)
  • The University of Sydney significant investment in medical research and education at Westmead including a new School for undergraduate science and engineering students, and a hub for the Sydney Health Data Coalition.



  • Grow a greater University education profile at Westmead
  • Westmead to expand its role as an international destination for training of health and medical professionals
  • Develop an eco system that promotes invention and creativity through the mixing and co-location of researchers, students and industry in a quality environment
  • Westmead to become a leader in workplace integrated learning
  • To train the health, medical and research workforces to service Western Sydney’s rapidly growing population.


Components of the vision

  • Building Australia’s medical research, science and innovation capacity by training the world-leading researchers of tomorrow
  • A new range of student accommodation to service the growing tertiary education profile of Westmead
  • New clinical training facilities, co-located with student learning centres
  • Integration of research and education with clinical care, with an emphasis on inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching
  • Development of a university campus style environment, in future Public Domain plans, to attract more students to Westmead
  • An expanded range of academic disciplines provided at Westmead
  • Development of an educational environment that fosters innovation through trans-disciplinary interaction
  • More Australian Government funded study places for Nursing and health professionals.



  • Student accommodation to be pursued on key public and private sites within Westmead
  • Ensure future clinical, innovation, research and start up spaces proposed for Westmead will consider spaces that encourage student participation
  • Development of a Westmead Research and Educational Engagement Plan between Western Sydney University, The University of Sydney, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Western Sydney Local Health District.