Westmead is a national leader in the delivery of high-quality, patient-centred healthcare. It is focused on keeping people healthy, providing world-class clinical care and delivering truly integrated care with a right care, right place, right time focus. Hospitals across Westmead are state and national leaders in healthcare delivery and development. They are also home to world-class clinicians, who are recognised as being foremost in their fields.

Westmead is most well-known for providing critical and acute health care services for both adults and children in NSW. Driving much of that load is the increasing burden of chronic, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Hence Westmead also plays a major role in measures designed to reduce the burden of chronic disease in Western Sydney.

Westmead health workers acknowledge that the healthcare environment is changing, with emerging technology, changing expectations and contemporary models of care re-thinking the way we deliver health services. Westmead is responding to this changing healthcare environment with major redevelopments, which will redefine the way we deliver healthcare to patients.


“The innovative plans we are making today at Westmead will have a profound impact on paediatric clinical care, research and education on a global scale.”

Dr Michael Brydon, Chief Executive, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network



  • To be recognised as delivering world-class health, education and research services for the communities of Western Sydney and beyond
  • To improve health care through:
    • Integration of research, education and clinical care
    • Close collaboration in service delivery, education and research by the precinct partners
    • Active engagement of partners outside the precinct in delivering on the healthcare, education and research vision of the precinct
  • Continue the specialisation of Westmead as Western Sydney’s primary centre for complex acute and chronic health services
  • Broaden and integrate private hospital services with public services at Westmead
  • Work with the NSW Government to identify opportunities for the private sector to partner with public agencies to deliver health facilities and services at Westmead.


“We are keen to engage with business and the services sector to attract investment to Westmead for the delivery of excellent health services in a highly liveable urban environment.”

Danny O’Connor, Chief Executive, Western Sydney Local Health District


Components of the vision

  • A new acute services building linking Westmead Hospital and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, providing new state-of-the-art operating theatres and two new emergency departments for our adults and paediatric patients and 1.5 floors shared with the University of Sydney for health-related education
  • The University of Sydney investment in Westmead to build on Westmead’s strengths in cancer cell biology, cancer genomics, bioinformatics and the diagnostic sciences including histopathology,  biochemistry and immunopathology and expand the educational opportunities available on the precinct to engineering, physics, business management and the social sciences
  • A new Innovation Centre which will draw together research and academic institutes, private companies, clinical providers, health service providers and state entities to collect and generate ideas and new solutions fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing to solve the health challenges of today and the future
  • New Comprehensive Care Centres in areas like cardiology, that provide a one-stop-shop for patients with specialist treatment from multi-disciplinary teams
  • Additional cohesive drug, alcohol rehabilitation and mental health services
  • Future health technology park


“It is an exciting time to be growing our business within the Westmead precinct, bringing health, education and research together for the people of Western Sydney. We look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality private healthcare for decades to come.”

Mike Flatley, Chief Executive Officer, Westmead Private Hospital