Deloitte Access Economics estimates the total economic output of Westmead equalled approximately $1,979 million in 2016. This includes $1,135 million from the ten key health, education and research institutions located in at Westmead, and an estimated $844 million from other businesses located at Westmead. By comparison, Westmead represents approximately 1.6% of Western Sydney’s total economic output.

  • Of total economic output produced at Westmead, over $1,212 million of this was new economic value added to the Australian economy as a result of goods and services produced at Westmead
  • Westmead also has strong economic linkages to other sectors of the economy through its demand for intermediate inputs. In 2016 Westmead indirectly contributed an additional $525 million in value added to the Australian economy, and supported an additional 3,934 FTE jobs outside of Westmead
  • Spin off jobs created by Westmead are likely to be concentrated in the industries of; professional, scientific and technical services, wholesale trade and administrative services.